Recording / Mixing / Mastering / Voice-over & Audio Post / Education

We offer these services for music, radio, film, and multimedia productions.


Come enjoy a spacious great sounding room with excellent gear. Our sound-isolated and treated 3600 ft3 control room is a creative and amazing listening space that is coupled with some of the best analog and digital technology. Our experienced staff can propel your project to a higher level of fidelity, dimension, and impact in short order.

Mixing in the box? We have a powerful computer at the heart of our digital system with ample track count and processing headroom as well as a great selection of digital signal processing to choose from.

Want to take your project further… go analog. Our excellent D/A conversion offers up to 40 channels of analog outputs that can be used with analog summing and a vast array of outboard processing, including 28 channels of high-end outboard compression.

Closeup view of the Manley 16x2 mixer.


Recording and mixing already done? Let our experienced mastering staff lift your project to a higher level of sonic quality, dimension, and universal playability. We use a combination of DSP for precision correction and sweetening as well as a variety of analog mastering chain combinations, which enhance and bring the character of your audio forward.

Our mastering philosophy is to avoid the overly crushed and squished sound so commonly heard by preserving the dynamic range of a mix. Our aim is to make your production competitively loud without losing any of its dimensionality.

Our quiet floated-wall mastering space, with an average noise floor of 20 dBSPLa, allows the details of any production to be revealed, so problem areas can be addressed.

Working on a video project for broadcast and want to conform the audio levels to American and/or European digital broadcast standards, we can help. We use industry standard software to conform your project to the desired loudness standard.

Closeup view of the Cranesong STC8.

Voice-Over & Audio Post

We offer voice-over recording, editing, and mixing for radio, television, independent film, and documentary productions. Our audio post services include Foley recording, ADR, dialog correction, music composition and recording, mixing, and general audio sweetening. The versatility of our studio allows us to accommodate your production needs.

Enjoy watching your project on our 67” 4K display, while your VO artist performs to the video in the booth. Have multiple clients and/or producers that need to be part of the session? No problem our lounge and alt-control room can accommodate many comfortably.

Voice-over booth with microphone and Pro Tools screen.

Recording & Overdubbing

Need a place to record? Whiney Cat is an excellent place to record acoustic music, solo, or medium size ensembles. We love to record it all.

Our performance space is 16.5x18 ft with spacious 12-ft ceilings. The space is well treated and offers adjustable acoustics in the form of twelve 8x2-ft baffles with a hard maple and soft absorbent side to liven up or deaden the room. The adjustable acoustics can also be fashioned into a booth to isolate voice, amps, or other sources.

The room is designed to be quiet with triple paned STC42 windows and 2x6 construction with a mass loaded vinyl layer on every surface within the floating walls and ceiling. The room design and acoustics allow the details in your production to be captured in the recording.

Our ProTools Native HDX system allows for low latency monitor mixes to provide a more enjoyable recording experience.

To capture the performance, we offer a solid microphone collection, including various tube and ribbon microphones, fantastic preamps, and excellent A/D conversion.

Our efficient staff and solid signal chain will deliver world-class results for your project.

Microphone setup for recording.

Studio Room Rental

We rent our studio for mixing, mastering, recording, and events to individuals, engineers, producers, and production companies. We rent our studio by the hour or by the day.

We provide a demonstration of the studio setup, or set it up for you, so you spend more time working on your production and less time troubleshooting.

Front of studio with reflective side of baffles showing.

Audio Education & Consulting

Our room has hosted students and educators from the University of Washington, Edmonds Community College, Seattle Film Institute, and The Art Institute of Seattle.

We provide audio education for users of various experience level from novice to advance. We aim to give you a better understanding of sound, DAW fundamentals, recording foundations, various processing techniques, and tips so you can work more efficiently. Our main instructor has been teaching audio education for 25 years at various northwest schools.

We also provide at home audio consulting to help improve the setup and customization of your audio system as well as troubleshoot any issues with your setup. Drop us an email and let us know how we can help.

Screen capture of Pro Tools edit and mix windows.